5 Benefits of Meditation


Lately meditation has seems to have taken off, every health site going is telling people ‘you should be meditating!’. I’ve seen countless adverts for apps to help with meditation, and even owners of the Apple Watch are reminded to ‘take a breath’ for a minute each day. It seems that media at the moment is all about mindfulness and meditation, which is great. But why? You can infer from the sheer amount of apps, books and podcasts to guide meditation that it helps, but what does it help with?

It’s important to know all the ins and outs of something before you add it into your daily routine. So Psych2Go shares with you 5 benefits of Meditation.

1. Reduces stress

Pretty straight forward really but when you’re stressed your mind is reeling. You’re agitated, fidgeting and flustered. Sometimes stress can be really debilitating and stop you from completing every day tasks. Or it could lead to anxiety. The levels of stress that we feel need to be combated with some time where your brain and body is calm and void of tension. When you meditate, the goal is……

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